Fiddler's Gathering

We had a fantastic (and very educational) weekend at the Fiddler's gathering. It was full of family, friends, music, food, dancing, hooping, singing, and all sorts of other awesomeness.

Saturday morning we got to see this rainbow ring around the sun...I didn't know this was a thing that happened, but it was incredible.

Here are Kate and Joe, the contra dancing pros who got us out on the dance floor. It was SO fun, contra dancing is kind of my new favorite thing :)

Pretty lights at night

If you find yourself in Indiana in the summer, check out the
Fiddler's Gathering. It's a very special place to be.

Light-show at the Mosey

So the Mosey last night was basically magical.

Our neighbor Tyler's band snorb! was accompanied by adorable hula hoop girl for most of their set.

 Everyone loves snorb

This guy is awesome, my favorite Lafayette character. He makes his own crazy electric instruments, and yes, the generic rice-a-roni box is functional. He accompanied our light-show for some time with his music.

Once the sun went down, it was time for the grand debut of our liquid lightshow.

I'm making a note here: huge success! We drew quite the crowd, (on both sides of the curtain :) everyone loved it, fun times and lemonade were had by all. A big thank you to Virtuous Cycles for powering our projectors.
love this town ♥

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