Homebrewed, Hand lettered, Handcarved, and Handstamped

Check out the actual stamp on my new Instagram account. My username is TrailAndCompass, the name of a new jewelry shop I'm hoping to open by the end of this month.

I couldn't find the speedycut stuff, so I used the blue speedball carving medium and it totally sucks. The edges are jagged even though I splurged on some new blades. Grr. Oh well, my new mantra as of late is "done is better than perfect." I've decided to embrace the down 'n dirty aesthetic since it matches our brewing process. This design was my first "real" foray into hand lettering, I think I like it!

New Homeowners!

We weren't planning on buying an RV quite so soon, but we couldn't pass up this deal. We're going to customize it a bit, add some solar panels, internet, bike racks, and get ready to go..wherever. Starting (hopefully) this coming September, we're planning to purge our belongings, and do a slow crawl around the country, living and working from the road. We're hoping to visit national parks, family and friends, weird Americana, and just take our time connecting the dots.

We took the neighbors for a spin to the grocery store, only hitting one curb on the way. We parked, and walked in to pick up some pizza and champagne.

Everyone bought a bottle of sriracha. Because.

So the oven works! We had a pretty awesome pizza party with fancy drinks and sweet tunes. (Truckin' kicked in just as we were rollin' out :) We ended the day back on the block, where things got funky over at Tyler's. These people aren't making it any easier for us to pack up. ♥

Once upon it, yellow bonnet

A yellow bonnet for little Hattie Jo. I couldn't help but hum this song while working on it.

Shel sent me the cutest picture of Hattie wearing it, but my phone refuses to let me send it here for some reason. Oh well. She's adorable, trust me.


This was a last minute birthday gift for my derby teammate Bang A. Rang. We just call her Bang :) It's embroidered on a vintage bed sheet.

The flowery handle is my favorite, I think it coordinates well with her tattoos.

I made this pattern myself, and thought I'd share.

Elise Shawl

I got to put these blocking wires to use for the first time.
Before: meh.

After: Bigger! Prettier!

I used the Elise Shawl pattern with Plymouth Baby Alpaca yarn (my first time using fingering weight). The color is shown most accurate in the photo I'm wearing it. This was a Christmas gift for my future sister-in-law. I'm quite proud of this project, I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever made.

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