Five Years!

We tend to find ourselves south of here when we have the opportunity. The husband and I took a short roadtrip to a couple southern Indiana parks and as many wineries and local eats that we could squeeze in from here to there.

We came home to a handful of happy anniversary cards and messages, thank you everyone!

p.s. I made my hat! It's a slightly modified version of this pattern. I think we were quite stylish, hiking up and down all those ravines. I'm calling Edo's style "Professorial Chic."

5 thoughts on “Five Years!

UaMV said...

Miss you two! Hope the anniversary was great. Love the pictures above. I'm guessing you were alone? Would liked to have seen your rush to beat the timer. So tranquil!

Cori said...

We miss you too, cannot wait to see you for Christmas. I'll let you in on our secret - remote shutter release ;) Also: blessed belated birthday!

Stephanie Hildebrandt said...

love the pics, so glad God made a place for you two to meet and fall in love :) i have the best son-in-law!

J+A Vandercar said...

love the pictures, love the hat! just seeing this post, but was thinking of you on your anniversary and hoping it was a happy one! looks like it was!

Anonymous said...

ps: see you at the vanderbrandt Christmas! Woohoo! --A

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